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Now is the time……………

The COVID 19 virus experience and all of it’s accessories (social distancing, stay home – stay safe, crossing off eating out, no in-person school, etc.) requires the patience of Job. The 90 day barrier has been crossed for this kind of living and I believe most people are ‘isolation fatigued’.

Now is the time...for what? The time to dig into unsolved family mysteries. For many, expanding our family tree during ‘normal’ times isn’t on the ‘top 10’ of things to do. But this isn’t ‘normal’.

Now is the time…to discover the missing piece of their family puzzle – trading the missing piece for peace of mind which come with completeness and closure.

Now is the time…for converting family myths and stories into facts by acquiring census records, birth certificates and other associated documents – not only to confirm the truth, but more importantly, bring family members to life – making them real to you.

Now is the time…for mentoring others in the ways of family history. The most effective mentoring I received while searching for Stuart and Nancy was done by my ancestors. While I am grateful for those that mentored at crucial times during my search, Stuart, Nancy, and many other ancestors assisted in shaping the picture of my heritage.

Now is the time to reach out to DNA cousins. Ask questions, share stories, exchange pictures, names, dates, locations and create new relationships. None of us live forever – Now is the time.

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