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Donna's Story: Identity Crisis Twist

Donna Wooden had always been told she was adopted by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wooden. When Mrs. Wooden was getting older, she was hospitalized for an illness. Donna was in her 50s when this happened. Donna had to find some records for the hospital, so she looked through papers in her mother’s desk. There she found her own birth certificate – which named Mrs. Wooden as her biological mother! This was a total surprise to Donna. She had always wondered about her birth mother. She had never imagined that her adoptive mother was actually her birth mother. Well, this was an unusual twist! People are more likely to discover the family secret that they were adopted rather than the other way around! Donna confronted her mother. Why had she not told her that she was not really adopted? Why had her mother not told Donna that she was actually her birth mother? Mrs. Wooden finally told Donna the truth. While Mr. Wooden was away serving in the military during the war, Mrs. wooden had an affair. When Mr. Wooden came home from the war, Mrs. Wooden surprised him with a little girl (Donna), saying she had adopted her. Donna had never known about this until she was in her 50’s, always thinking she was adopted.

Donna’s head must have been spinning! First she was adopted……then she was not adopted……but.... who was the father?

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