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  • Don Anderson

Connecting my past and present

For those of you that have read “Paper and Spit”, my posts will continue to expand and enlarge the journey begun in 1995. Family history is a never-ending saga. I will be adding to what has already been recorded and commenting on aspects of DNA testing as I encounter new or previously undiscovered information.

September 11th, Diana and I headed out for a three week trip to Ireland, England, Scotland and Sweden. While visiting Scotland, I had the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of recently discovered ancestors. Genetic Genealogy had created a path for me to tread that had been done so many years earlier by my forbearers.

Gilbert McIntosh, my 4th Great grandfather, had been a resident of the area surrounding Loch Tay, located in Perthshire, Scotland. Just to know I was there, walking where he walked, seeing what he saw, and staying in close proximity to where he lived brought the

DNA test confirmations to life. Gilbert McIntosh wasn’t just a name … he was living through me as I experienced his homeland.

For this adoptee, confirming the identity of my dad was the culmination of a twenty year journey. Being in Scotland, particularly on the shores of Loch Tay, confirmed my place in the McIntosh family.

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