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Like millions of adopted people I didn't know the answer, until I combined genealogical research (paper) with DNA testing (spit) to find my first family.

“Belonging to a family, tribe, or clan is magnetic.  We all are driven by desire to belong, feel loved, and gain acceptance.  I pondered my heritage .... Where do I fit in? 
- Paper and Spit

Regardless of an individual's adoption experience, I believe adopted people have a central and constant need to know who their first parents are. This site,, is dedicated to those who take that journey of self-discovery.

Margaret’s words caught me by surprise. “I really felt that this day might come. Would you please come in?” Almost six years earlier, I had made the decision that would forever alter my future …. 
- Paper and Spit

Book about searching for birth parents, DNA testing information, and a human interest story

“Don provides detailed insight into the emotions he felt as he was going through this journey. One can follow each twist and turn of the path that Don goes down as he uncovers one clue after another.”
- Tim Jansen, MD

Paper and Spit is an inspiring tale and a great example of how DNA testing can help adoptees uncover their roots.”

Richard Hill, Author and DNA testing expert

Listen to Don's interview on the Donna Seebo Radio Show.
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